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just another manic monday

well today was much better than my weekend. work was...well work. i was actually busy all day. that never happens. most of the time i just sit there or search for something to do. summer vacation is winding down so everyone is coming back from all their vacations and making appointments. oh if anyone needs a good chiropractor, lemme know. i work for a great one! the doctor and lori were hardly even in the office today. but the doctor came back from an errand and surprised me with starbucks! mmm!! then i got to see my ryan!! it's been 10 days! i know that doesnt seem like a lot but it is when you're used to spending every day with each other. plus some shiz went down while i was outta town and was scared that i might not see him for a long time. so when i did today i was just delighted! we went to dinner and then came home and shared about each others vacations last week and this weekend. it was nice. we didnt get to talk much while we were on our vacations. tomorrow i am sleeping in because i was up at o dark early this morning! soooo goodnight! have a great tuesday!
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