confused_chaos (confused_chaos) wrote,

final day

well yesterday was my last day in d.c. good thing. i had a fun time, but i was definately ready to come home! i missed my bed and my kitties! we checked out of the hotel at 11:30 and our flight didnt leave until 8 so we drove to baltimore and went to the sports legends museum at camden yards...home of the baltimore orioles for those who dont know. that was a neat museum. there was a lot of interactive stuff to do so that was neat. then we walked down the street to the babe ruth museum. it was actually the house he grew up in. it was a pretty small house thats for sure. the flight home pretty muched sucked. i was exhausted and i just wanted to sleep. everytime i layed my head down on the tray table, the lady in front of me would start move around. so i would try to lay up against the window but the lady behind me would start moving around. ugh! so i didnt get any sleep on that 5 hour flight! and i guess there was a huge accident somewhere by the tunnel last night so traffic was backed up everywhere!! perfect timing! but we finally made it home and i got to lay with my kitties and then i just crashed! theres no food in the house so im gonna have to go search for something to eat! bye!!!
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