confused_chaos (confused_chaos) wrote,

4th day

ok im about ready to go home!! sheesh im tired. today we woke up at o dark early...about 4:30 in the am. we had to stand in line for tickets to the museums we went to today and its first come first serve so we had to get there early. the first one was the bureau of printing and engraving...where the infamous green is printed! it was pretty tight. there was a guy just walking around with 400 grand. i would've gladly taken that off his hands for him! i ordered a sheet of $2 bills and my dad bought a sheet of 20 $1 bills to hang in his office. they're pretty neat. so after that we headed over to the holocaust museum. i love that one!! i walked through it the last time i was in d.c. if you ever get the chance to go to washington d.c. dont pass up the holocaust museum. its a must see! we got some lunch at the air and space museum and walked around that for a while. i got some more space food too. then we headed home. its so freaking humid outside. the air is so thick its hard to breath sometimes! i think ill stick to the dry heat thankyouverymuch! i cant wait for tomorrow. its white house day!!! we were lucky enough to get a tour of the white house. after 9/11 they stopped doing public tours, but we were lucky enough to get one. im so excited! it should be grand!
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