confused_chaos (confused_chaos) wrote,

day three

my feet are gonna fall off. for real. we walked a ton today! we drove into the city instead of taking the metro. we stopped at the white house and took some pictures, walked to ford's theater and saw where john wilkes booth shot abe lincoln. that was neat! we walked across the street to the house and the room that he died in. it was really cool. then it was lunch time so we walked to the old post office pavillions. it was the post office from back in the day thats been turned into a mall like thing. it was pretty cool. after lunch we were pretty much dead tired from walking all over the city, so we stopped at starbucks and got some cool drinks for the hike back to the car. we were supposed to go back to the city tonight to see all the monuments lit up but i think we're all pretty much pooped. yes. i just said pooped. so i think we're just gonna stay in tonight. tomorrow will be an exciting day. we're going to the holocaust museum and the bureau of printing and engraving...where they make money!! ca-ching! haha. so have a great night friends!
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