confused_chaos (confused_chaos) wrote,

day one

well we just got back from our first day out in d.c. it was great to be back. when i came with school senior year, we didnt have a lot of time to do anything. today we kinda woke up late because we were exhausted from flying all day yesterday. but once we got up and got out the door, we jumped on the metro and headed for the city. we took a tour of the city and got to go around to all the monuments and stuff. after that we decided to go to the musuem of american history. i think thats my favorite museum out of all of them. it took us like 4 hours to get through the whole thing and there were a ton of people! it was fun though. i got some cool elvis stuff and some space food for ryan. i think tomorrow we're going to arlington. im excited about that. i didnt get to see it last time i was here. im gonna eat, shower, and go to sleep!!! ill be back on tomorrow!! :o)
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