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Is it summer yet?

god i hate school. seriously. and i hate hate HATE asu. it honestly puts me in a bad mood everytime i have to go there. and my teachers suck. hopefully *crosses fingers* i can start my degree classes in the fall and it should get better. yeah. im almost done with my 3rd year of college and i haven't even started my degree program. thanks gateway!! im cramming like 4 classes this summer, which is gonna suck, but ill be happy to get them out of the way finally. i might take one or two online.

work is pretty good. i actually dont mind having to come to work haha. i always have something to do so it makes time go by fast. and the ladies i work with are quite entertaining, so there's never a dull moment around here. hopefully i can get those online classes so i can work more hours.

living in a cubby for the past 3 months actually hasn't been that bad. not as bad as i thought anyway. im only really ever home to sleep anyway. at the end of this month i get to move downstairs into the master bedroom so im way excited about that. my own space!! not to mention ryan will come see me more, which is always a good thing. speaking of ryan...

he is fantastical!! he's a jerk sometimes, and yeah kinda immature at times, but ive learned to deal with it. i cant even tell you how much he's grown, as a person, since we've been together. after 2 years together he still takes my breath away, still makes my knees weak, and still gives me butterflies in the stomach. i know in my heart he is the one and i cant tell you how exciting that is. i cant wait until we are done with school so i can finally marry that boy!! we are going on our first road trip together this summer. we're going to LA for the 30th anniversary star wars celebration. we are leaving may 25th and coming home may 28th. we will miss the race, but this is a once in a lifetime thing. so we decided to skip the race this year. we are both so excited!!! we've been planning this since like december. our passes should be in the mail soon actually. this thing is gonna be huge. it's a world wide event and we are so excited to be able to be a part of it. 41 more days...
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