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hi from vegas!

yesterday was pretty fun. we got here about 2 in the afternoon, hit the luxor and did some gambling for a while. ryan won 90 bucks at his first pull of the lever of the slot machine! beginner's luck! haha. then we all went and changed in the parking lot for carrot top!! we went back up to the luxor and and hit the buffet. omg we ate so freaking much! well for 20 bucks a plate we kinda had too haha. then we did some more gambling. ryan, terry and uncle donald sat down to play some craps and i walked away cuz the guy working the table was actually carding people so i ran away fast haha. then as we were going up the escalator to wait in line for the carrot top show, we turned around and guess who was right behind us...CARROT TOP himself! it was hard to recognize him because he had a beanie on to hide his hair, but we still noticed him! so we got to the top of the escalator and me and ry got a picture with him and chatted with him for a few minutes. it was awesome! he's a really nice guy. and he's super cute in person!! so we get into the theater and sit through his show. OMG! if you ever get a chance to see carrot top live...GO! it was so freaking funny! i literally almost peed my pants. no joke. and that guy is buff!! sheesh! he came out in this little pair of underwear at the end of the show and he's a got a freaking 8-pack and that sexy v-line. it was very nice to look at haha. so after the show ryan and uncle donald played some poker while me, jodi, and aunt genie went downstairs to play some keno and drink some much needed cocktails! then we finally headed home and fell asleep about 1am! the guys got up early this morning to play golf. the girls stayed at the condo because, well, who wants to sit in a golf cart at 6:30 in the morning when it's about 42 degrees and windy. not me. i dont know what we're doing today. probably more gambling, more drinking, and more eating haha. hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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