confused_chaos (confused_chaos) wrote,

day 5 and 6

ok for those of you who actually read my blogs, sorry i didnt write yesterday. it was a stressful day and by the end of it i was too exhausted to type. so here's what ive done the past two days...

yesterday- we woke up at about 4:30 am again...ugh!... we had a white house tour at 7:15. we walked into the doors and were walking down a long hallway. on one side of the hallway was a wall with pictures down the whole length of it. on the other side it was all windows looking out towards the back lawn of the whitehouse. well we all looked over and noticed the trees and bushes starting blowing around just out of nowhere. all of a sudden, a helicopter lands. and it was pretty much right outside the window. so we keep watching thinking maybe somebody important will walk out and into the copter. well sure enough someone did. none other than the president and mrs. bush. they walked out and turned around and waved to everyone and got on the copter that was taking them to air force one. it was probably the best part of this whole week. i mean how many people get to see the president from inside the white house while hes on the outside. pretty neat if you ask me. then we went on a tour of the capitol. it was the same one i went on the last time i was here so it was kinda boring for me, but my parents really enjoyed it. then we went to the library of congress. again, pretty boring for me because ive already seen it. it was raining though and the steps up to the library are rain + marble steps + flip flops = ashley falling on her ass down the steps. hahaha it hurt pretty bad but i was able to laugh at myself after the pain subsided.

today- i got to sleep in! finally! today was a pretty easy day. we drove up to mount vernon, the home of george washington. we looked around the property and took a tour of the mansion and saw his tomb. that place was huge!! we were all starving after that and we were craving taco bell. there are no mexican food places here and mexican food is pretty much all we eat. i know taco bell isnt authentic, but it was all we could find! then we drove around to all the monuments to see them lit up at night. i didnt get to do that the last time i was here so that was really neat. i was surprised though to see so many tourists out at like 11pm. but then again it doesnt get dark here until about 9pm so you really do have to wait until that late to see everything lit up. we finally go home tomorrow! im so ready to go back to the dry heat!! we are going to the babe ruth museum tomorrow afternoon before we head to the airport. i didnt even know there was a babe ruth museum. but im a big baseball fan so im excited!
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